Responsible Citizenship

“In the Catholic Tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation. This obligation is rooted in our baptismal commitment to follow Christ and to bear Christian witness in all we do.”

-- Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,
U.S. Catholic Bishops (Nov 2007)

About Us


Jeff Caruso, Executive Director                     Bishops Francis DiLorenzo and Paul Loverde

Who We Are

The Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy advocacy organization representing Virginia's two Catholic Bishops, Francis DiLorenzo, Diocese of Richmond, and Paul Loverde, Diocese of Arlington, and their dioceses in matters before the Virginia General Assembly, the U.S. Congress, and the state and federal administrations and their agencies.


Whom We Represent

Catholic People and Places

  • 681,160 registered Catholics
  • 2 bishops
  • 426 priests, 195 deacons
  • 100,000 college students
  • 82 diocesan and private high schools, primary and pre-schools
  • 26,857 students in high school, primary and pre-schools
  • 28 percent student minority population
  • 2,546 employees in high school, primary and pre-schools

Catholic Health Care

  • 7 hospitals,
  • 16,603 hospital employees
  • $86.8 million in charity care
  • $44.92 million Medicaid shortfall
  • $33.64 million in other community benefits
  • 8 homes for the aged

Catholic social service agencies (ministries include care for homeless, hungry, elderly and migrants, foster and adoption services, job training, ESOL)

  • 3 agencies
  • 28 offices
  • 110,000+ people served annually






What We Do

The Conference advocates for:

Respect life initiatives to protect human life and dignity in every stage of development and circumstance.

Social justice initiatives to give first claim to the rights and needs of the poorest and most vulnerable members of the human family.

Family life and education initiatives to preserve the institution of marriage, support the family, and promote parental choice in education.

How We Do It

The Conference advocates through:

  • Contacts with state and federal lawmakers
  • Resources applying Church teaching to current issues
  • Promotion of grassroots advocacy, including Catholic Advocacy Day and email advocacy network
  • Communication with media outlets