At the direction of the Virginia bishops, the Conference offers pastors and parish leaders an aid in stimulating principled and nonpartisan political responsibility.

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Political Guidelines

registrationAs Catholics in Virginia, we have much to bring to public discussions on critically important issues involving life, family, social justice and the common good. Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, we can offer this consistent moral framework as a compelling alternative to the often incoherent categories of “liberal’’ and “conservative,” “Democrat’’ and “Republican’’ and other political labels.

As a Church and a people, we have a long history of serving society by feeding the hungry, healing the sick, tending the aged and vulnerable, and educating the young. As members of this society, we apply this background to our understanding of why public policy -- and therefore, political activity -- must be directed toward the common good.

church pewsFinally, as Catholics we show by personal example that, just as our concerns go beyond our self-interests, as Americans we believe our governmental policies should put the needs of our society’s most vulnerable citizens first.

Parishes and other Catholic organizations can play a vital role in helping their members respond to the baptismal call to faithful citizenship by encouraging their involvement in appropriate political activities.